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December 2009
Fluffy Marshmallows Body Lotion – with a touch of passion!

– fragrant winter innovation from www.fluffbabes.com

When Fluffbabes set out to create our own scent in the Fluffy Marshmallows product range we went into partnership with Anna Hellqvist, the highly competent founder/owner of the TVAAL company. Since then, products from the range such as Fluffy Marshmallows Body Butter, Shower Gel and Washing up Fluid have become hugely popular.

October 2009
Champagne cooler – a great gift for your hostess!

– Autumn news from www.fluffbabes.com

Brighten up those dark autumn evenings with this practical, pink champagne bottle chiller – and brighten up your hostess’s day with one as a gift! Champagne all ready to drink!

August 2009
Computer keyboard for Blondes!

– Hot autumn news from www.fluffbabes.com in August – week 34

The hottest, pinkest, blondest keyboard imaginable – finally available in Sweden! Direct from the USA, this ridiculously cool, pink, fun, pink computer keyboard, all ready to go to work with your PC or Mac.

Perfumed, pink toilet paper in a luxury pack!

– summer offer from fluffbabes.com

Tired of giving your hostess chocolates and flowers? Here’s an alternative c/o internet store www.fluffbabes.com! It’s the perfect gift for a hostess or girl friend: scented, cherry-pink toilet paper gift-wrapped in an elegant champagne bottle tube!

You won’t find a more elegant weekend bag than this!

– the latest from www.fluffbabes.com – for your weekend trip, available in silver and gold

It was photographer Pia Britton aka Fluffbabe Harmony, who first discovered these outrageously elegant weekend bags in floral patterned patent leather, and brought them back to our shop at fluffbabes.com. For ages we’ve been looking for the optimal holdall for a short vacaton – and we think Pia has come up trumps...

Say hello to Spring with a flower that never fades!

– ”Daisy” ring...latest news from fluffbabes.com

The days are getting longer and longer and soon spring will be here with all its buds and flowers. What do you say to decorating your finger with a cute little Daisy-ring? It’ll be ideal to wear at all the parties and events you’ll be going to this spring and summer. And this is one daisy that is guaranteed never to fade.

At long last – galoshes for high heels!

– latest news from internet store www.fluffbabes.com

The first time we saw these amazing galoshes for high heels from the Norwegian company SWIMS, we thought:
”– Galoshes for high-heeled shoes – they must be kidding! Was our dream really coming true – of being able to walk out in our high heels in the rain and snow? We could hardly believe it.”

Fluffbabes put a face on ”The Lipstick Index”

”– Darling Fluffbabes! Yesterday when my husband got home we opened a bottle of champagne (and it was a Tuesday!) and then took a wonderful foam bath together. Since I found out about Fluffbabe,s life has become so much more fun. Thank you for being there for us!” Can you imagine how nice it is for us, as businesswomen, to open our mailbox every day and read that sort of message from our customers?

Unique rings in crushed glass from telephone boxes!

– a genuine ”crusher” from fluffbabes.se

Fluffbabes have kicked off the new year with an exciting new partnership with jewelery designer Ann-Sofie Lundqwist. An innovation in our Internet shop are her beautiful, sparkling rings made of crushed glass recycled from obselete telephone boxes! Talk about creative use of recycled products...!

Elegant rose-shaped ear pendants!

– latest addition at fluffbabes.com

Hand-made ear pendants in the shape of roses are the latest addition at the www.fluffbabes.com internet shop. They are designed and hand-made by Clara from Skaane in southern Sweden and are retailed exclusively on the Fluffbabes site.

Elegant wristwarmers!

– it’s the season for smart and practical wrist muffs from fluffbabes.com

Winter’s here and we’re having to dress up for the cold weather. These beautifully embroidered wristwarmers are guaranteed to keep you warm both indoors and out. There’s a whole range of various colour combinations available in the Fluffbabes’ internetshop at www.fluffbabes.com

Pink Lady Salt!

– new pink salt flakes from fluffbabes.com

Makes you think of a salty bride in luxury attire, doesn’t it! Well, it is indeed salt – but in a highly exclusive version. Pink Lady Salt is pink, flaked salt with a delicious hint of beetroot – that underestimated vegetable which gives this salt its subtle colour. Available now in the Fluffbabe internet shop at www.fluffbabes.com.

Daily Commodities – Parisian Style!

– new French favourites from fluffbabes.com

Fluffbabes have been on a shopping spree in Paris and have come back with a clear favourite: the French ’Les Cakes de Betrand’ company. A whole new series of commodities from the company is now available in the Fluffbabes Internet shop – elegant, cool, exclusive products with a penchant for ”retro” motifs. But there’s lots more besides...

Fluffy Marshmallows Universal Cleaning Fluid – with a heavenly scent!

– Springtime news from www.fluffbabes.com

Some time ago we Fluffbabes launched our own exclusive scent in a product range which we called Fluffy Marshmallows. This also marked the beginning of our partnership with highly-skilled Anna Hellquist who owns her own company – TVAAL. So far, this partnership has resulted in – among others - Fluffy Marshmallows Body Butter and Dish Liquid, both of which have been bestsellers.

Provocative statements on daily goods!

New fun products available at fluffbabes.com

After the outrageous success of our doormat with the cheeky inscription ”Queen of fucking everything” we Fluffbabes have come up with even more challenging messages - ”statements” that enhance daily articles...

Fair Trade örngott för skönhetssömn!

Naturligt sidenörngott som höstnyhet hos fluffbabes.se

Efter framgångarna med sidentofflorna och sovmaskerna i våras från Holistic Silk presenterar nätshopen www.fluffbabes.se det ljuvliga örngottet av naturligt siden för den bästa föryngrande skönhetssömnen. Här är örngottet som inte ger sovskrynklor, som inte suger åt sig din nattkräm från ansiktet eller ger rufsig morgonfrisyr – ett örngott som lika mycket kan klassas som en hög kvalitativ skönhetsprodukt.

Exclusively elegant, leading edge office articles!

Autumn news from www.fluffbabes.com

The girls at Internet shop fluffbabes.com have just launched 2 innovative autumn products: an office stapler and an adhesive tape holder, both dripping with genuine Swarovski crystals mounted on a sturdy metal frame.Not only are they top quality products, they’ll also serve as an elegant decoration on your desk.

Professional, elegant champagne bottle sealer!

An autumn addition from www.fluffbabes.com

At long last internet retailers fluffbabes.com have come up with the most professional, efficient champagne bottle sealer on the market. As of now, there’s no need to waste your leftovers after a party. What’s more, the sealer is beautifully decorated with Swarovski crystals - a detail which enhances the bubbly sense of glitz and glamour...

Super new laptop bags in silk with velvet lining!

Autumn news from www.fluffbabes.com

Last autumn when Fluffbabes.com launched their red silk laptop bags they were an immediate hit! Since then, we’ve had requests for variations in different colours – and here they are: there are now three lovely new colours to choose from, all in silk, and all with elegant patterns.

Summer tops with a sparkle – as hot as they come!

Summer news from www.fluffbabes.com

To celebrate the arrival of summer Fluffbabes.com are delighted to present a range of lovely sleeveless tops in pink, black and white. What makes them so special and decorative is the sparkling row of tiny stones that lines the neck!

Pink, glimmering, mother of pearl pewter bracelets!

New Springtime arrival at www.fluffbabes.se/com

Fluffbabes.se/com are delighted to present this lovely pink pewter-thread bracelet from the hand of designer Maja Littmarck, 23 years of age. A product created exclusively for Fluffbabes. Maja launched her company ’Littmarck Swedish treasure & design’ about a year ago. Before Christmas of 2007 Maja created her silver and gold pewter bracelets for Fluffbabes, and they were soon in great demand as a highly popular Christmas item.

Fluffy Marshmallows washing-up liquid – the one with the delicious scent!

Spring addition at www.fluffbabes.com

Fluffbabes.com created its own exclusive scent in the Fluffy Marshmallows range of products in collaboration with brilliant Anna Hellqvist, founder-owner of the TVAL company. Fluffy Marshmallows Body Butter and Body Scrub, which were launched early in 2008, have already become a major success.

Fluffbabes Marshmallows – a product range you’re going to love!

The aromatic logo of www.fluffbabes.com

At long last, here it is – our very own scent: Fluffbabes Marshmallows! You’ve no idea how much we’ve looked forward to this deliciously scented range of products. This gorgeous, soothing scent was created exclusively for Fluffbabes by Anna Hellqvist, founder-owner of the TVAL company.

Unique international Internet Store and blog

For women by women, version 2.0

Fluffbabes.com – a venue for those who like elegant, amusing, challenging products which make life more fun – is now on the market in an updated second version. After a flying start some six months ago we have upgraded our store. As befits a true Fluffbabe, the customer can now move effortlessly from room to room in order to find ”fluffy” products to brighten up her life.